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Meet Algocog

Algocog came to be when we realized that very few people have access to the best financial tools on the market. We believe that everyone should have the ability to make the most informed decisions. That’s why we go beyond simple - by providing users with easy-to-use, cutting edge, AI-powered financial tools.

Our tools provide you with the deepest insights of the financial world, empowering you when making financial decisions, by introducing more ways to save money and reach your goals.

We’re a group of flexible and ambitious out-of-the-box innovators who react quickly to the rapidly changing landscape of AI and future technologies while keeping up with best practices and complete transparency.

Kahlil ThierKahlil Thier

Kahlil Thier

Working directly alongside, and as an investment decision maker has given Kahlil insight into exactly what is needed to make good financial decisions.

Kahlil excels in alternative investments with experience and expertise in: securitization, hedge funds, private equity, and real estate.

Kyle Liu

After years of working with some of the top tech firms in the world, Kyle has extensive experience in AI development, holding a Master’s in engineering.

He specializes in full-stack developing, integrating Enterprise Resource Planning, and building model-driven software engineering.

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