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Algocog AI is a group of flexible and ambitious innovators who think outside the box. We react quickly to the rapidly changing landscape of AI and future technologies while keeping up with best practices and complete transparency.

Kahlil ThierKahlil Thier

Kahlil Thier

After spending copious amounts of time studying investment markets & technical analysis tools as a child, it's no surprise Kahlil ended up working in the investment industry.

He ensures decision makers are as informed as possible - making sure all the facts are in place when investment decisions are made.

His experience & specialization in alternative investments has granted him a wide range of expertise in securitization, hedge funds, structured products, and private equity.

Kyle Liu

After years of working with some of the top tech firms in the world, Kyle has extensive experience in AI development, holding a Master’s in engineering.

He specializes in full-stack developing, integrating Enterprise Resource Planning, and building model-driven software engineering.

Marissa Norton

Marissa specializes in marketing across digital channels and developing strategies for a variety of digital initiatives.

She has designed and managed website projects for numerous clients, as well as manages multiple marketing accounts daily. 

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