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Evalu uses the power of AI technology to accurately price your home in 3 easy steps. Don’t wait to get results.
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in 5 minutes.

Our algorithm gets smarter each day, learning to provide you with hyper-accurate property evaluations, fast.

Using AI & machine learning technology, we help you make informed, intelligent and faster decisions regarding your home.


We built Evalu because there’s a lack of transparency in the real estate industry. Homeowners need to jump through hoops to get their home value.

When it comes to advocating for your homes' proper value, we wanted to give you institutional-grade tools.

Kahlil Thier
Algocog Co-Founder

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We’ve got all the bells & whistles

Up with the times

Our AI-powered algorithm is constantly updating with the latest available data to ensure your home evaluation is as accurate as possible.

Safe and sound

The Evalu platform is protected, so you can rest assured your data is safe.

Hyper-local results

Unlike any other AI, our model is capable of being city-specific, making it hyper-accurate based on locale. No need to add in irrelevant housing info.

Adjustments in a flash

When you make a free account with Evalu, generate new reports with ease when you’ve made adjustment to your home. New bathroom? Add it to your dashboard and see your home evaluation update in seconds.

Quick calculations

Our algorithm is smarter than most. In a matter of minutes, we’ll take your property info to generate an accurate property evaluation, right down to the nearest decimal.

Unlock even more

Try Evalu for free without the need for an account. Want even more data? Create a free account and immediately get access to hundreds of metrics regarding your property like demographic info and price analyses.

Get your free home evaluation now

Try Evalu for free and get your home evaluated in 3 easy steps. Unlock even more features when you create your free account.

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