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Exceptional customer experience sells

Smartphones are now the norm and messaging has become the preferred means of communication. Rather than dealing with emails, callbacks, and waiting on hold, customers want complete control. Customers want self-service.

The demand for constant communication is an exciting one, but sometimes we need a little extra help to get the job done. That's where the Algocog Virtual Assistant comes in.

Algocog's Virtual Assistant combines the power of artificial intelligence with your business expertise to create a Siri or Google Assistant-like application specialized for your business.

Saving you and your customers time

Flooded with repetitive customer service requests? Algocog’s powerful artificial intelligence provides an instant first line of support that removes time-consuming, recurring FAQs, appointment bookings, and sales qualification questions. That means, you can focus your efforts on what you do best, running your business.

Manage all channels in one place

Get a comprehensive view of customer chats from every channel, conveniently under one roof. Our many integrations include Facebook, Instagram, and on-site chats. With Algocog, you can manage multiple channels all in one place to streamline operations, and boost efficiency and satisfaction

Open, even when you’re not

Choose who the bot speaks to and how it answers your customers based on criteria like business type, chat history, and more. Scale your business by delivering speedy responses, 24/7/365!

Use cases

Dental Clinic

Real Estate

Beauty Salon

Simple Pricing for Everyone


14 days risk-free trial

  • Google NLP engine
  • Facebook page intergration
  • Premium add-on*
  • Unlimited Sessions*
  • Tailored flow*
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1-on-1 conversational design to meet all your requirements

  • Premium support
  • point of contact developer
  • Premium add-on
  • In-depth analysis
  • AI-driven decision making

Compare All Features

Features Business Enterprise
Number of sessions 100 / month Unlimited
Facebook Drip Campaigns Customized campaign monthly campaign updates*
Google NLP engine
Facebook page intergration
Premium add-on
Extra sessions
Tailored designed flow
AI-driven decision making

* 1 per month, monthly campaign updates require access to your marketing plan, extra charges applied if required more complex strategy.



What features does the chatbot offer?

Improve, regardless of size. Scale efficiently. 

No matter whether you're a market leader or just getting started, Elaina helps you communicate better. 

  • LiveChat Essentials - Maybe include these in an FAQ section
  • Plethora of prebuilt and complex frequently asked questions
  • Lead qualifying
  • Appointment Booking
  • Lead generation funnels
  • Leverage AI to filter hot and cold leads
  • Automate your sales outreach / Automatically follow up on sales leads

How long does it take to get the bot up and running?

You can get your bot ready within 1 week after we got all resources we need from you.

Do you offer support?

Yes, we do. Our support AI bot is online 24/7. If you ever want to talk to our engineers, just leave us a message here. We'll get back to you within 24 hours.


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